Blue Car Caravan Series - TX to CA Part 4: Grand Canyon Finale

This is the last part in the Blue Car Caravan Series as Bobby, our dogs, my amazing friend Jenny, and I travel out west to our California dream. (Be sure to check out parts 1-3 for outdoors adventures in TexasNew Mexico, and Arizona). 

After leaving the comfort of our hotel room in Arizona to set up camp, we headed over to the South rim of the Grand Canyon to catch some mind-blowing views. As we were driving, we finally got a glimpse of the canyon out of the car window. I have a fear of heights, and as I looked over, I had a mix of sheer panic, and sheer awe at once. I have never seen anything like it. It is just so big it doesn’t even seem to be real. Pictures truly don’t do any justice (and I definitely thought I was a professional photographer out there with my iPhone, only to realize the pictures don’t show off the beauty in even a fraction of its reality). 

After taking in the views from the rim, we began the descent down in to the canyon. With each step, there was the daunting knowledge that you had to take another step back up. But, being inside the giant abyss, looking up, and feeling so small and so intertwined with the magnitude of it, truly made the muscle-quivering hike back up worth it!

After our hike, we made it to a less crowded viewing point just in time to see one of the most magical sunsets I've ever feasted my eyes upon. That sunset was probably the most memorable from our entire experience on the road. A small group of people chattered amongst the canyon as the sun began to set, until simultaneously everyone went completely silent. We were all so captivated by the beauty happening before us, we all forgot where we were, or who we were with, or any thoughts in our head other than what we were witnessing. As soon as we came to, we looked around, as if in a drunken stupor, to see if everyone had left in order to explain the silence. That’s when we realized that everyone there was just as awe-stricken, and that even amongst strangers, we were all a part of something bigger.

Sad to leave our campsite and life on the open road, we finished our last leg of the trip and made it to Los Angeles. Exhausted and overwhelmed with change, we took our memories and went straight to sleep.

Special thanks to my road dog Jenny, Bobby (Magpie) for planning every detail of the trip, and the wild west for making our hearts and minds fill with inspiration as we settled into our new home.

Travel west wild ones!



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